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sanchit sachdeva photography

Sanchit Sachdeva is a professional photographer in India. He has started his career in photography in very early age. Getting himself exposed to different places over pan India allowed Sanchit Sachdeva to develop a keen eye that could pick up the essence of the composition and turn it into a timeless piece of art. Every captured image by Sanchit shows a unique creativity and the originality. He deal in Candid photography, Commercial Photography and Fashion photoshot.His photography includes the source of all appealing things in the world.

He has worked for Legacy Events, CWN Events, Core Web Networks and many other brands in the market. He has shot many campaigns for different existing brands and done umpteen Catalogues as well. He has worked & made Portraits of Many Famous Personalities and has worked with Various Indian and International Models in India.

Sanchit Sachdeva makes use of the best and the top most technological advancement that has been made in the field of photography. He works with small to large format cameras according to the need, using tripods from 1feet to 24 feet with remote control head. Once he knows that he has to go to a remote area, he usually takes along 50Ws to 1200Ws battery operated lights. And to be in touch with his clients on the site, he always available on Facebook messanger and Whatsapp.